We have a Naz Group for you!
There are groups for EVERYONE—couples, singles, males or females, young adult or senior citizen. We have groups with couples only or singles and couples together. Naz Groups are starting soon and we would love for you to join us. Check out the information below and sign up NOW!

What is a Naz Group?
A Naz Group is a relationally based gathering of 8-16 individuals. These individuals interact, support and pray for one another and meet once a week to discuss a Biblically based lesson. Each group will have the opportunity to participate in outreach projects, celebration services and fun social times.

What happens at a Naz Group Meeting?
Naz Group meetings are typically held in homes and last approximately 2 hours. The group participates in discussion and prayer. Meetings also include a time of light refreshments before or afterwards.

Why should I be in a Naz Group?
Naz Groups are a great way to get connected to others in a very special way. Naz Group members provide support for their group members during times of crisis and concern. Being in a Naz Group allows you to grow in your faith and get connected to others.