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The Table Kickoff

The Table Kick-off Weekend (June 7-9)

As we kick off this hospitality movement at Wooster Nazarene, it is our hope to get EVERYONE in our church body in homes over this weekend. There’s no specific format for what this may look like in your home, but we would love for everyone to invite SOMEONE; for some, it may be just one or two, while for others it may be a crowd. Wooster Nazarene is full of people from all seasons of life and in that lies the beauty of diversity. We encourage you to stretch your comfort zone a bit as we develop relationships, both old and new.

Who to invite
• Someone you sit near at church    
• Your neighbors
• Someone from your “My List” 
-- If you’re feeling nervous about inviting new people, consider inviting a close friend along with new faces.

• Host dinner in your home        
• Eat outdoors if the weather allows
• Be spontaneous and relaxed. It doesn’t need to be formal! Paper plates are not off limits.
• If dinner isn’t ready when guests arrive, don’t panic! Allowing others to get in on the fun of food prep often brings relaxation to the atmosphere and opens the door for conversation.    
• If you struggle with knowing how to start conversations, consider using conversation starters to get to know each other (available at table in the foyer).

Food ideas
• A sit down meal        
• Meat on the grill
• Order pizza/takeout    
• Potluck
• Dessert bar only        
• Campfire with s’mores


What is The Table?
The Table is a gathering of family, an intentional place of community, where we share both food and conversation with one another. We believe that hearts flourish when relationships are formed and the family of God stays connected. Anyone and everyone is welcome around The Table as we begin this undercover hospitality movement.