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Niada Stoneburner

Below is a testimony I wrote to send with the Children's Prayer calendar that I send out each month to other churches, friends and a few others. May you be encouraged by our story.

Last month I alluded to some health issues that we have been facing. Today I want to tell you how thankful I am and how good God is.

Rich has been dealing with a skin problem since last February that began with a small skin lesion which he had removed. It is a long story but the short of it is that the skin condition is rare. The skin is affected by lymph cells that are abnormally in the skin. This condition that has affected his skin can also cause tumors in any major organ so he had a CT scan over all of his major organs looking for tumors. In this process they found a tumor in his kidney along with 3 kidney stones.

We had a consult as to how to handle this tumor and Rich was planning on scheduling surgery when one of the stones began moving. Here is my praise. The stone began to move on the weekend , a Sunday morning, when no one is available. Well, God knew this was going to happen and he helped us out ahead of time. The urologist that he saw the week before for some reason gave us his cell phone number. That is pretty unusual because doctors rarely, if ever, give out their personal numbers. We were able to call him and get advice without going to the the ER. Rich was in a lot of pain but not ER ready at this point. On Monday he got into the doctor and had surgery that week for the kidney stone. It truly was a blessing on how it all worked out.

By now Rich has been off work for two weeks and still needs to take care of the tumor. The prognosis on the tumor is that it has an 85% chance of being a renal cell cancer and probably is not related to the skin condition. It was very small and could be handled by a procedure called cryoablation. We had another consult with a radiologist who did this procedure. We weighed all the pro's and con's and Rich decided this was the way to go rather than having the tumor surgically removed. Because of the surgery the week before, he did not have to have more pre-testing done. He was ready to go. So, the next week he had a biopsy of the tumor and the cryoablation (freezing of the tumor to kill it) done. He did really well and was able to go back to work on the 14th.

This past Friday he got the results of the biopsy and there was NO cancer. The doctor was very surprised that it was not cancer and began saying maybe we missed it. That would have been hard to do because the whole tumor lit up on x-ray and they were in the center of the tumor when they did the biopsy. Many, many, many people have been praying for us. I believe it was God. That tumor may have looked like a duck, quacked like a duck and may have been a duck but God can change it into a goose if he wants to. I believe God gave us a goose for Thanksgiving.

We are praising him. We had our family Thanksgiving this past Saturday and it was good to be together as a family. We have much to be grateful for and our hearts are full of thanks. God has been so good and faithful to us. There are several God stories connected to our journey. He helped us walk it out in confidence and with joy even when we did not know how it might turn out.

As you continue to pray for our children, know that prayer changes things and He can turn a duck into a goose and surprise us all. We are amazed by His great love.

Happy Thanksgiving. May your hearts be full of praises and words of thanksgiving. May your lips speak forth the praises of your heart.