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Nathan Ward

Senior Pastor
npw [at]
Ext. 203
Main Job Responsibilities: 

Encourage people, love people, variety of public speaking, write sermons, appointments, run meetings, NCO District involvement, Pastor’s of Excellence mentoring through Ashland Seminary, provide leadership, study, read, community involvement, teaching, pastor & nurture staff & families . . . to name a few.




Nate (wife Kayla), Hilary (husband, Tommy), and Caleb (wife, Melissa & grandsons, Dylan, Owen, and Myles)

Favorite Food: 

My wife’s Sunday dinner w/ roast chicken, mashed potatoes, noodles, corn, peas, green beans, rolls; Dixie’s cooking in general; Dairy Land ice cream; pizza

In my spare time I: 

Spend time with family, read, watch Western Movies, ride my Honda Silver Wing (when it gets warm!), watch Cavaliers, Indians, Browns & Ohio State.

My path to ministry at Wooster Church: 

Served as a full-time associate since 1979 in nearly every capacity of church for 16 years; called to Wooster Church in 1995 to serve as Pastor.

What I like best about working at Wooster Church: 

The people that I know and love . . . who know me and love me back. I love the atmosphere of freedom and worship here. I love the warmth and friendliness of people. There is seldom a dull moment here. Days do not often unfold as planned. It is a fun place with lots of laughter. I love that we laugh and cry together.

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